About The Vincent Academy

Welcome to the Vincent Academy!

The Vincent Academy is a unique online institution, designed to leverage the power of the internet to teach magic to students around the world.

Utilising the most advanced teaching methods and an experienced, professional team led by award-winning magician Michael Vincent, the Vincent Academy provides a world-class coaching service to prospective magicians wherever they may be.

The academy provides training for magicians of all abilities, from beginners to advanced practitioners, providing the tuition our students need to take their magic skills to the next level, and fulfill their potential in the art.

Alongside the teaching of magic, the Vincent Academy provides first-class personal development coaching. Developing magic skills and personal development are interrelated, powerful disciplines that go hand-in-hand, and the Academy provides a system that develops both, improving your communicative and interpersonal skills as well as honing your magic skills to be the best that they can be!

Michael Vincent was fortunate to benefit from the mentoring of some of the world’s finest magicians over three decades at the pinnacle of the magic world, and the time has come for him to pass on his skills and experience  to a new generation of magicians.

Through conversation, videos, podcasts, online training, live events and seminars, the Vincent Academy provides access to the finest training materials and techniques available, from one of the world’s top magicians.

Company History

The Vincent Academy was formed in 2009 whilst Michael was studying with Landmark Education. He created this program whilst on Landmarks Money Seminar, having just completed his appearance on Penn & Teller’s ‘Fool Us’ TV show. After his successful performance, he received praise from magicians around the world, many of whom requested coaching

Our Mission

The Vincent Academy’s on-going mission is very simple – To leave the craft of magic better than we found it.


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Get In Touch

If you would like to learn more get in touch with us. We are looking to work with like mind individuals who specialize in training and development in the field of magic and personal development.

The Vincent Academy is committed to leaving the craft of magic better than we found it. We stand for excellence and mastery and our goal is that all of our students experience themselves as craftsmen who leave their audience touched, moved and inspired by the beauty of magic and their authentic self-expression.