Hire a magician for your private functions, and bring an atmosphere of glitz and glamour to your events.

Private Functions Magician Hire

Whether at a wedding, birthday party, bar mitzvah, dinner party, cocktail reception, banquet dinner or any kind of private function, a talented magician can turn an event in to an occasion, bringing your guests together in wonder and awe.

Choose what sort of performance you require, and build a tailor-made performance unique to your event, personally suited to what will be most appropriate for you, your event and your guests.

Perhaps you want a performance where a magician will move from group to group entertaining your guests, or maybe you would prefer an astonishing show as the centrepiece of an evening’s entertainment. Alternatively, you could arrange for a stunning display of illusion to create the perfect after-dinner conversation piece, or as an ideal way to break the ice and bring life to proceedings at the beginning of your event.

Here you can find a selection of top class magicians personally selected by Michael as his pick of the most exceptional working magicians available.

These artists are the best of the best, and are available to turn your private event in to a memorable occasion that will be talked about for years to come.