Sleight Of Hand Technique

Three-Time winner of the Magic Circle close-up magician of the year award, and International Magic’s ‘Magician of the Year’ in 1993, Michael is recognised as one of the world’s greatest exponents of sleight-of-hand technique.

In an elite career that has spanned over 30 years, and seen him perform all over the world at the very highest level, Michael has amassed a wealth of experience in the art, and one of his greatest passions is passing on his skills and expertise to magicians who wish to improve their craft.

Sleight of hand coaching

Michael provides professional, effective coaching in the complex art of sleight of hand, designed to help magicians of any level, from novice to expert. Michael’s coaching includes teaching the unique techniques he uses to control his audience’s attention, his top-secret drills to improve your sleight-of-hand technique, special, beautiful routines designed to help you improve your performance, performance analysis and evaluation and lots more!

The intricate nature of sleight-of-hand can make it a torturous technique to master, but Michael is an expert at breaking down the many difficult elements of sleight-of-hand, making the learning process fun and fascinating, and helping his students to become the magicians that they want to be.

With the Vincent Academy, you can improve your sleight-of-hand to the best of your potential, and learn from a true master of the art.

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