Card Magic

Michael Vincent is one of the world’s foremost exponents of card magic. His remarkable performances have taken him across the world, garnered him multiple awards and earned him a reputation as a living legend in the area of card magic.

Michael often credits his extraordinary skill to the mentoring he received as a young magician, from such legendary figures as Alan Alan, Tony Slydini, Darwin Ortiz and other greats.

Michael was trained by some of the very best in the business, and in turn he is dedicated to passing on the wealth of his experience to other aspiring magicians, who wish to take their act to the highest level.

Michael has a great passion for mentoring other magicians, and he specialises in helping magicians who are preparing for performances or events to improve and add polish to their act. He is able to provide mentorship and coaching for students of all levels, helping magicians and those new to card magic to improve their practical abilities, their professional skills and their interaction with the audience.

Every aspiring magician needs a helping hand if they are to reach their full potential, and Michael is one of the finest teachers of card magic available in the world today.

With the Vincent Academy, your card routines can become a stunning act!

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