Communication Skills

Developing exceptional communication skills is an integral part of the process of becoming a truly great magician. The ability to communicate effectively and efficiently with an audience is vital to providing a professional performance.

When performing close-up magic, a huge part of the performance depends on the magician’s ability to read the body language, micro-expressions and tells of his audience, and it is just as vital that the performer is able to manage the information that he imparts to the audience.

Learning these skills can be a life-changing experience. The communication skills that are learned by master magicians can be a powerful tool in the wider world, and learning to authentically express yourself and improve your ability to communicate with anyone can be a vital step in improving your life, your career and your own self belief.

At the Vincent Academy, Michael Vincent passes on the skills he has gathered in three decades as a professional magician at the top of the magic world.

His teaching provide an entertaining, fascinating insight into the way we communicate with each other, and explains the techniques and tricks from the world of magic that can upgrade and improve the way you interact with others, whether in a personal or professional context.

For any person who wants to improve their communication abilities, no matter whom they are or what they do, the Vincent Academy can make all the difference.

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