Dazzling magic performances from talented magicians are a classic way to turn childrens parties into memorable, inspiring events, ensure that everyone present has the time of their life!

Finding a way to make a child’s party special and unique can be difficult, and managing such an occasion can be a stressful and tiring experience, but a magic performance is the ideal way to gather the attention of all the attendees in to one place, keep the guests occupied, and lend a personal, individual touch to your party that will amaze and entrance everyone present.

Hiring a magician to perform for your party can help take the pressure off you, bring a sense of occasion and excitement to your party, and create a centrepiece for the event that will prove both memorable and fascinating.

Childrens Parties Magician For Hire

Choose the magician you would like to perform, and decide what sort of performance would be perfect for you. From classic tricks, balloon animals and magic wands to fascinating illusions and entrancing displays of close-up magic, you can arrange for the ideal, personalised show to fascinate and intrigue all of the guests at your party.

Michael Vincent has personally selected some of his favourite magicians, talented and exciting artists who will turn your children’s party in to a magical, unforgettable experience.