Stage Magic

The Vincent Academy is committed to improving the skills and expertise of stage magicians and magic practitioners around the world. Through a modern, unique approach Michael Vincent has managed to open up the secrets of professional magic performance to every magician that wants to improve their stage magic performance and gain a professional edge.

For a magician to achieve their full potential as a performer, the assistance of a mentor and coach is a vital part of the learning process. Michael counts himself lucky enough to have been mentored by some of the greatest figures ever to work in the business, and he is committed to passing on his knowledge to help other magicians perfect their art.

A vital aspect of performing impressive stage magic is the ability to connect with and control your audience. As well as providing the skills and practical know-how to improve your skills and performances, Michael specialises in training his students in how to improve their communication and rapport with the audience, equipping his students with the skills needed to control the venue and make the most of their act.

Michael’s amazing talents, his decades of experience and passion for his craft lend him the capacity to improve the stage performance of any magician, regardless of their level of expertise.

The Vincent Academy can help you master the art of stage magic, and take your show to the next level!

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