Close Up Magic

Close up magic is one of the most demanding and intricate skills in the entire sphere of magic. It is a discipline that can be one of the most immediate and direct forms of magical performance, and yet also a stunning and elegant craft when practiced by a master.

Central to the history of close-up magic is the passing of knowledge and secrets from one generation to the next, continuing the proud tradition of excellence and dedication shared by the masters of the craft in their mentorship of the next generation of magicians

Michael Vincent was fortunate enough to benefit from the tutelage of some of the finest names in magic, and Michael is committed to passing on the benefits of his experience; at the heart of Michael’s passion for teaching is his desire to leaving the magic community better than he found it.

With the Vincent Academy, Michael provides coaching that enables others to develop and improve their close up magic artistry; bringing the benefit of his 30 years performing worldwide at an elite level, he teaches the secrets that lie behind stunning tricks and feats, the methods that bring polish and professionalism to a performance, and he helps his students develop their technical and practical abilities.

The Vincent Academy specialises in turning you in to the magician that you want to be.

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