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Magic is a difficult art to master, and if you want to take your skills to the highest level you need to learn from the very best. Michael Vincent provides personal, expert coaching in close up and card magic, drawing on his decades of experience as an elite magician.

Michael’s coaching is designed to help those who want to improve their performance and realise their potential as a professional magician. Using his unrivalled knowledge of the art, Michael shares the secrets to mastering professional techniques known only to a chosen few.


About Michael

Over the last thirty years, Michael has earned an enviable reputation as one of the elite magicians and sleight of hand artists in the world.

His performances have featured at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California,
exclusive celebrity parties, international casinos, high end corporate events and on numerous
television shows.

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There’s more to magic than just the tricks. Through Michael’s one-on-one sessions, his seminars and mentoring programme, I was able to experience first hand what great magic really is and also what it takes to achieve this great magic; and not to mention what it takes to achieve becoming the best magician I, Jin Lee, can be.

If there’s one thing I know being born in this modern era of magic, it is that we don’t have the opportunity to learn from the masters of the past personally. But through Micheal we can, because he has been directly influenced by these masters of the parties; people like Dai Vernon, Rene Lavand, Cy Enfield, Slydini. These are the people that we dream about!

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